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About LAS

History: LAS was originally the old Robinson Motor Company, which was founded around 40 years ago by the Robinson Family.

Over the years, they turned a small operation into a thriving, full-service salvage & recycling company that was one of the largest in the state of South Carolina. At it's peak there were over 7,000 automobiles and millions of parts in inventory. They did this by providing a quality product, providing friendly, down-home service, and most importantly by caring for the community and by being HONEST with their customers.

As the story goes, eventually the Robinson family retired from the industry and sold the business (we believe some time in the 1990s). The operation changed hands several times and lost much of it's previous glory. In 2004 the operation was renamed "Laurens Auto Salvage" and was slowly built up and improved over the next three years.

In June of 2007, Laurens Auto Salvage was purchased by Paul Eschenbach from Spartanburg, SC. During the following months, the business was incorporated in the state of South Carolina under the name of "Parts Tree Automotive, LLC".

Also in June of 2007, "Project Bronco.COM", a thriving classic Ford truck restoration & Internet business, was merged with Parts Tree Automotive, LLC and Laurens Auto Salvage, creating a company benefiting from the best of both worlds............. a high-tech, computer savvy company combined with a traditional and well-grounded auto salvage operation.

During the following month, the domain was purchased and the operation's first web site was published, bringing LAS to the world! Following in close order was the addition of a state-of-the-art computer inventory system and the installation of two national parts locating networks, allowing LAS to sell & purchase parts all over the country.

In August of 2007, LAS was granted an automobile wholesaler license by the state of South Carolina, allowing LAS to purchase rare, exotic, and late model automobiles that were previously inaccessible.

The Future: Coming soon..... more to come!



Laurens Auto Salvage as it appeared in 1969

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Laurens Auto Salvage as it appeared in 2006

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Laurens Auto Salvage in 2008

Featuring our new inventory and new yard arrangement!









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