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Conservation Efforts of LAS 

LAS, as an automotive recycling company, has an inside view of how conservation can benefit the environment and at the same time realize substantial cost savings. Sometimes it really does pay to be green, and we strive to do our part to protect the environment and to save our customers money. Below you'll find a few ways how our corporate practices help to conserve our precious natural resources.


Reused Boxes and Shipping Materials


We understand the reasons that our customers purchase used auto parts in the first place is to keep high quality, original equipment parts on their vehicles and, more importantly, to save money over expensive new parts! Therefore LAS does not purchase new (and expensive) boxes to ship our parts. Instead, most of our employees, their family members, and even some of our local customers participate in our used boxes and shipping materials recycling program.


This program provides an almost unlimited amount of boxes and materials for reuse, and also...


Conserves Natural Resources -- The best way to recycle is to reuse! Every box reused helps save another tree from being cut down and made into paper.

Saves our Customers Money -- Instead of paying $5.00 to $10.00 or more for a fancy new box, we pass these savings on to our customers by reusing existing ones.

Reduces Air Pollution -- Reusing hundreds, even thousands of boxes a year means that much less air pollution from paper mills.

Reduces Dependence on Foreign Oil -- Reusing plastic shipping materials, such a bubble wrap, reduces the need for more petroleum to make new plastic materials.


So, while your part may arrive in a box that could say "GM®", "Mopar®", or even "Target®" or "Best Buy®", you can feel confident that we did our part to conserve and that you saved a little money too!


Moreover, you can also be assured that every part we ship is carefully and properly packaged to ensure that your part arrives undamaged and in proper working order!


Recovering and Reusing old Gasoline


Most people do not realize just how dangerous used gasoline is to the environment, or realize just how much of it passes through a modern automotive recycling operation. We estimate that, on average, every vehicle that passes through our facility has about 7 gallons of gasoline left in the tank. Using that number, a small recycler processing around 300 vehicles a year must dispose of about 2,100 gallons of gasoline annually.


The best way to dispose of used gasoline is to burn it in modern, pollution-controlled vehicles. Unfortunately, many junk vehicles have been sitting for months or even years, causing the gasoline in the tanks to turn stale, rendering it useless in fuel-injected vehicles. Consequently, LAS has invested in special recycling equipment and has developed a special filtering and stabilization process that allows us to recover and reuse the vast majority of old gasoline in our delivery fleet.


This process allows us to...


Protect the Environment by keep toxic gasoline out of the ground and water system.

Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil by reusing thousands of gallons a year that otherwise could not be used.

Saves Customers Money by lowering our expenses and passing on the savings to you!



Some gasoline is so old that it is completely unusable. This useless fuel sent to recycling partners to be refined into useful petroleum products.


More to come soon!


LAS Reused Boxes and Shipping Materials Program


Our Special Gasoline-Powered Fleet & Heavy Equipment runs on Recycled Gas!






$10.00 EACH!

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