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Selling your Junk or Broken vehicle for Salvage / Junk Car Removal

Laurens Auto Salvage BBB Business Review



LAS buys wrecked, broken, and otherwise unwanted vehicles from individuals, towing companies, repair shops, body shops, auctions, and estate sales. Selling your car for "salvage" or "junk" can be a difficult and confusing thing to do, but at LAS we make the process quick and easy. Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below to find out more........


***PLEASE NOTE: We only pickup cars in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia!


Selling your Junk or Broken vehicle for salvage FAQ

How Does the Process Work?


Simple. Just call 864-363-8277 and tell the sales person you would like a quote on selling your vehicle. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Year, make, and model of vehicle (Example: 2003 Ford Taurus)

  • Miles on the vehicle (if known)

  • Where it is damaged (if wrecked)

  • What's wrong with it (Example: Bad engine or bad transmission).

  • Where the vehicle is located

  • Whether or not you have a title

After answering these questions, you will be made an offer for the vehicle if it meets our criteria.


It's that simple. We agree on a price, then we come and pick it up (if within pickup area -- see below). When the driver arrives, you present the title & keys and we give you a check for your vehicle. We also provide all of the necessary legal forms and paperwork to salvage your vehicle.


Finally, you must turn in your tag to your state DMV and notify them that you no longer own the vehicle (to avoid future taxes).


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Do I have to have a title to "junk" my vehicle?


In December 2012, South Carolina passed a comprehensive scrap law (SC 56-5-5670) that clearly defines the process for selling junk cars without titles. If you do not have a title for your vehicle, then read the following sections to find out exactly what you need to do. If your vehicle is 12 model years old or older, read Section One below. If your vehicle is less than, or newer than 12 model years old, then read Section Two below.


Section 1 Vehicles 12 Years Old and Older:


If your vehicle is 12 model years old or older you can sell it for salvage without a title if it meets certain conditions, has not been reported stolen, and by having the proper paperwork in order. When you salvage your vehicle with LAS, we provide all of the paperwork and certifications needed and walk you through the entire process. It works like this:

  • Step 1: DMV VIN Check -- The first step is to obtain a report from the SC DMV that certifies your vehicle has not been reported stolen. You can call, email, text, or fax your vehicle's VIN number to us and we will run it though the SC DMV database and print out the report at no charge. If your vehicle has not been reported stolen, then we move to the next step. If it has been reported stolen, then see "What if my vehicle has been reported stolen?"

  • Step 2: Filling out Form SC TI-014A Affidavit of Disposal of Vehicle to a Demolisher / Secondary Metals Recycler (SMR) -- The second step is to fill out SC Form TI-014A and certify (under penalty of perjury) that your vehicle meets certain conditions and is in your possession legally. You must sign and agree that the vehicle was abandoned on your property and is in your possession, or that you are the legal owner but your title is faulty, damaged, or destroyed. Second, you must sign and agree that the vehicle meets the following criteria:

    • It is lawfully in your possession, and

    • Is twelve model years old or older, and

    • Does not have a valid registration plate (license plate) affixed on the car, and

    • Has no engine or is otherwise totally inoperable.

    You must also provide your name, address, telephone number, and driver's license number and state of issue on the form. The rest of the form, along with the SC DMV VIN certification number is provided by us, the "demolisher".

  • Step 3: Proof of Ownership & Valid State ID -- After filling out the Affidavit form, you must then present proof of ownership to the driver and a valid state ID (such as a Driver's License or state ID card). Proof of ownership can include a bill of sale or the state registration card.

Once these three steps are completed, then we simply fill out a bill of sale and give you payment for your vehicle. Please note that we provide all of the forms for you to make the whole process as simple as possible.


Section 2 Newer Vehicles Less Than 12 Years Old:


The only way to salvage a late model vehicle newer than 12 model years old without a title is to get permission from your local County Sherriff Department. If they approve your vehicle for salvage, then they will provide you with a form that you can take to a certified salvage yard or demolisher that allows them to purchase your vehicle for salvage or scrap. You must still have a valid state identification card to recycle the car with us.


Remember that if your title is simply lost or damaged, you can always go to any SC DMV office and have a duplicate printed for a nominal fee. It's a lot easier than going to the local Sheriff for approval.



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What if I've lost or do not have a title?


If you've lost your title -- We prefer to purchase vehicles with a valid title and we pay more for them if they have parts value. You can go to your nearest state DMV office to have a duplicate title printed (for a nominal fee). In South Carolina, the fee is $35.00 to have it reprinted as you wait, or $15.00 to have it mailed to you (takes about a week). Alternativly, you can salvage it via the "Affidavit of Disposal" process describe here.


If you do not have a title --See Do I have to have a title to "junk" my vehicle?


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What if my vehicle has been reported stolen?


If a salvage yard or "demolisher" runs your VIN number through the SC DVM database and it comes back as being reported stolen, then the salvage yard or demolisher is required by law to report it to the state of SC.


If this happens, we suggest you immediately contact your local Sherriff Department and explain to them what happened. Tell them you tried to sell it for salvage but the DMV check came back as being reported stolen. They will know what to do and will take the appropriate action. More than likely the legal owner of the vehicle will be notified. If they cannot be reached or they are not interested in taking possession of the vehicle then the Sherriff's office might approve the sale of the vehicle for salvage, if they deem it appropriate and if there is no pending legal investigations involving the vehicle. Keep in mind that they may also take possession of the vehicle and investigate how it came into your possession.


What if my title is at a title loan company?


If you have taken out a loan from a title loan company, then technically the title loan company owns your vehicle and you cannot sell it for salvage (in fact you can't sell it to anyone for any reason). You must settle your loan with the title loan company and get them to release the lean on your title before you can sell or "junk" your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is inoperable and is over 12 years old, you may under the new SC law sell it for salvage via the "Affidavit of Disposal" process.


The only "gray area" or possible problem we see with salvaging your car with a title loan lean using this new method is whether or not it truly qualifies as being "abandoned". We agree that the vehicle is broken (inoperable) and that it is legally in your possession, but does it qualify as being abandoned?


To be safe and to protect yourself from perjury, we recommend to our customers in this situation to send a certified letter to the title loan company asking them if they are willing to pickup the car. If they say no or simply do not reply, then you might be able to get away with it as long as you save your certified letter as evidence along with the SCDMV report showing the title loan company failed to report the vehicle as stolen.


Remember, the salvage yard or demolisher cannot be held liable if they ran the DMV report and obtained the proper affidavit from you. Only YOU will be held liable for settling your title loan and held liable under penalty of perjury for falsely filling out the Affidavit of Disposal form.


The best possible course of action to take if you must dispose of the vehicle immediately would be to have it towed to the title loan company and let them decide how to deal with it from there.


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My city or county has "tagged" my vehicle as an unregistered or junk vehicle, what do I do?


First, realize that you're not alone... this happens all the time. Many cities, local municipalities, and even counties have new "unsightly" vehicle laws that allow law enforcement to fine anyone in their jurisdiction for having a vehicle on their property that is not currently registered and/or does not have an up-to-date tag. If this happens to you, you will be fined every single day that vehicle is on your property and is not registered. You will continued to be fined until the local authority confiscates your vehicle, which will now belong to them! You will not be compensated for your vehicle and may still have to pay the fines, even after loosing your vehicle!


If this happens to you and you do not wish to pay the taxes, fines, and fees to register your car, then give us a call and we'll do what we can to pick it up that day. We'll actually pay you for your vehicle and your fines will stop as soon as we pick it up, although you may still be liable for fines accrued before salvaging the vehicle.


If you do not have a title because the title is at a title loan company, then you'll have to have vehicle towed to the title loan company and surrender it to them, or dispose of it via the "Affidavit of Disposal" process described here.


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Do you pay by the pound?


Rather than pay by the pound for junk vehicles with little to no parts value, we prefer to pay by category, for example..... small, medium, large, x-large, pickup / van, and so forth. We price our categories to exceed the current "crush price" offered over scales at local metal recycling companies. We always pay more than crush price!*


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What is my vehicle worth?


With our new category pricing, we've taken all of the guesswork out of valuing the vehicle. Obviously, we pay more for late model cars with a high parts value, but we now have set minimum prices for any complete vehicle based on it's size.


For example, at current price, a complete full-size car, such as a Buick LeSabre or Ford Taurus, is worth $300.00


Your vehicle could be worth as little as $200.00 to many THOUSANDS of dollars!


Call LAS for a free quote!


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Will LAS pickup my vehicle?


Yes. We pickup vehicles in the following Upstate counties: Greenville, Piedmont, Easley, Spartanburg, Laurens, Anderson, Abbeville, Augusta, Cherokee, Greenwood, Newberry, Lexington, and the greater Columbia area.


If your vehicle falls into the minimum size category range, then we do charge $1.00 per mile (round trip) to pick it up. Pick up is FREE if your have a late model car with a higher parts value......... Call for details.


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What about other vehicles, such as boats, motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs, HD trucks, motor homes, travel trailers, and old farm tractors?


Yes. LAS will offer to purchase or remove any non-automobile or light truck, if space on the yard allows.


Boats -- We will remove boats at no charge in certain counties in Upstate South Carolina. We do not pay for boats because of the high content of wood, fiberglass, and hazardous materials that are very costly to dispose of. Call for details or to arrange to have your boat picked up.



Travel Trailers & Campers -- We will remove travel trailers (including tag-alongs, pop-ups, and campers) in certain counties in Upstate South Carolina at no charge. We cannot offer any payment for trailers or non-motorized campers because they contain high amounts of fiberglass, wood, insulation, and textiles that are costly to dispose of. Note that we do not accept "Goose Neck" or "5th Wheel" campers.



Class "A" Motor Homes -- Class A motor homes are built from the ground up on a custom RV chassis. Due to their large size, the amount of hazardous materials, and the cost to tow them, we do not accept class A motor homes.




Class "B" Motor Homes and Vans -- Class B motor homes are built on truck and van chassis and are usually confined within the original vehicle's cargo space. Conversion vans also fall in this category. We will offer to purchase class B motor homes on a case by case basis. Call for details.



Class "C" Motor Homes -- Class C motor homes are usually built on heavy-duty cab & cassis trucks or vans and still have the original cab. Although these motor homes have more hazardous and hard to dispose of material, we still purchase them on a case by case basis. Call for details.



Farm Tractors -- We will offer to purchase scrap or salvage farm tractors based solely on their scrap weight, minus the towing charge. Call for details.



Motor Cycles & Mopes -- Like Tractors, we will offer to purchase mopeds and motor cycles solely based on their scrap weight, minus the towing charge. Call for details.



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* Disclaimer:

Please note that LAS reserves the right to refuse to make an offer and/or to cancel an offer on any vehicle at our discretion. Partial or incomplete vehicles will be priced on per instance basis. All coupon offers are contingent on agreement to sell vehicle to LAS. Vehicle must be complete and have valid title. Bill of sale required. One coupon per customer. All offers are void if any fire damage is present.





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