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Quality Parts -- Guaranteed!

NEW FOR 2012 for Commercial Customers:

We now provide a SIX MONTH LIMITED FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on all engines and transmission we sell for our commercial customers. All other parts continue to have our standard 90-Day free replacement limited warranty. Limited labor credits also offered to commercial customers only -- call for details.

For our over-the-counter and private individual customers:

To all our non-commercial customers all parts we sell (including engines and transmissions) comes with our standard 90-DAY FREE PARTS REPLACEMENT LIMITED WARRANTY!

Because we take the time to fully test every vehicle we process, we are confident in offering a full 90-Day Free Parts Replacement Warranty on EVERY part we sell, excluding classic "muscle car" engines & transmission sold strictly for their historical & collectors value.

In the event any part purchased from LAS fails within 90-days of the purchase date, simply return the item to us and we will replace the part at no charge, or refund the purchase price in full, at our discretion.

90- Day Part Replacement Limited Warranty Details:

Effective 3/30/08 -- All engines & transmissions sold by LAS are now physically stamped with an identification mark --- located on the engine block or the metal transmission case. All engines & transmissions returned to LAS must posses our identification mark.

Filters & Fluids purchased for engines and transmissions are NOT covered under this warranty. This also applies to other items replaced (such as spark plugs, gaskets, ect).

All warranties only apply to the original purchaser (owner). Any transfer of ownership, such as the sale of a car or part automatically voids the warranty.

Part will be replaced or purchase price will be refunded w/in the warranty period, at the discretion of LAS.

LAS reserves the right to change our warranty policies on new (future) purchases at any time and without notice. Any change in warranty polices DOES NOT EFFECT the warranty on items sold prior to the change.

Any part or item specifically sold "AS IS" nullifies and voids any warranty of any kind normally associated with that part --- period.


Extended Parts & Labor Warranties now available!


LAS is now proud to offer six month and twelve month extended P&L warranties on all of our engines, transmissions, and axle assemblies. 


Let's face it, no matter how carefully ANY mechanical part is inspected, sometimes they can prematurely fail. Even new parts can fail without warning! So what ends up happening? Even if your parts supplier covers the failed part under warranty, you (as the mechanic) get stuck holding the bag on your labor costs! Even if you pass your extra labor cost along to the customer, now you have to deal with a furious customer who is out of a car and is out even more money than before! Worse still, they will most likely NEVER use you again and will spread the word around town about their "horrible" experience with your shop!


Well now all of that can be a thing of the past, even with USED PARTS! Purchasing an extended P&L warranty from LAS ensures that in the event something does go wrong, you and your customer wont get stuck holding the bag!


We absorb this cost for you, and will actually PAY you for your labor involved to remove & replace the part! 


Sound impossible? It isn't any more.... for detailed information on the cost & coverage of our Extended P&L warranties, please call one of our friendly sales representatives at 1-800-922-4033 

NEW for 2008!


Extended Parts & Labor Warranties Now Available!


NEW for 2011!


FREE labor credits for our regular commercial customers! Call one of our sales associates today for details!


  • 6-Month Parts & Labor Warranty

  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Please call a sales representative for details










$10.00 EACH!

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